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Real Estate Appraisers: Serving All Areas of Cape Breton Island and Mainland Nova Scotia

G. Ratchford & Associates Appraisers Inc. has served an extensive client base for many years. Following is a sampling of some of the types of organizations and industries that have trusted in the professional services of G. Ratchford & Associates Appraisers Inc.:

Chartered banks, CMHC, mortgage, trust and finance companies
All levels of government (federal, provincial, and municipal)
National insurance companies
Major Nova Scotia law firms
Major Nova Scotia accounting firms
Regional and local real estate development companies
Many private individuals and companies

The Real Estate Appraisals Cape Breton Island and Mainland Nova Scotia Prefers

G. Ratchford & Associates Appraisers Inc. prepares commercial and residential real estate appraisals for:

Mortgage financing purposes
Divorce settlement purposes
Sale/purchase purposes
Litigation purposes
Capital gains taxation purposes
Assessment appeal purposes
Estate liquidation purposes
Expropriation purposes, etc.

We are an approved expert witness for the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. Call us today to learn more.


Looking for a Reliable and Dependable Service?

We offer services such as real estate appraisals for commercial or residential mortgage financing, sale or estate settlement, and more.

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